Wednesday, September 18, 2013



We had a lovely few days in Amsterdam! I was a little sad to leave, which I didn't anticipate. The hosts we stayed with were great. It's a beautiful city filled with canals.I also kept commenting to Andrew about how beautiful the people were there. It felt like I was walking around on a movie set all of the time. 

Here are some highlights:  

Vangoug museum: 

Life size Noah's Ark replica! 

They had some real animals, some fake. 

Walking around Amsterdam: 

Our first night out! 


We also went to the Anne Frank House. They didn't allow pictures there though. It was humbling experience. 

We arrived in Paris yesterday. It was a rough start finding our accommodations and figuring this city out. But it was all redeemed when we found the Eiffel Tower this afternoon. It was pretty amazing :) 

More on France to come!  


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  1. Hi Natalie and Andrew-
    This is Marshelle (Ashton's mom-one of Andrew's guitar students)...I am so happy to hear you are there safe and able to have this adventure! We will follow your blog and adventures and wish you the best. Stay safe, healthy and take tons of pictures! We will be thinking of you. Happy travels!