Monday, October 28, 2013

Italy pt. 1

Okay, so I am officially three countries behind on our blog! Yikes. As it turns out, its more fun being out exploring Europe and hanging out with my husband than it is posting pictures online, go figure. Andrew is doing our dinner dishes right now, so being on the computer sounds alright now. 
We have seen some pretty incredible things the last few days that I really don't want to miss out on sharing with our friends and family! We are currently in Como, Italy. Como is a beautiful lake city in northern Italy. Here's what we've been up to:

Night out in Como: Ice cream and views of the lake. Best ice cream I've ever had.... YUM.

We went hiking in the mountains just next to the town we were staying: check out the view.

We took a bus boat to a couple other cities on the lake. This lake is huge, it took us two hours to get to the other city and that's only half way across the lake. One of our stops along the lake was where they filmed Naboo lake country  in Star Wars Episode II. As you can imagine the nerd in our family was pretty excited! As it turns out, “Naboo” just might have been the most gorgeous place I have ever been, so I was happy too! It’s a lakeside villa. It was one of those places that its almost disappointing to try to take pictures of because they just don’t do it justice, but we did our best.

There's Naboo!
This is Andrew's I'm-so-excited face, mixed with stop-making-me-look-at-the-camera-I-want-to-see-Naboo face.

Nerds will get this.. I guess.


Andrew planks Naboo

Today we hopped on a train and went to Switserland. There we found a huge old castle in the town. Not much to say about here other than we had so much fun.

Andrew's impersonation of the classic tourist.


  1. Naboo looks beautiful! I want to go!

    1. You do want to go there. Yet another amazing wedding venue...