Sunday, October 13, 2013


I love fall so much. We just spent a lovely afternoon walking around Berlin, Germany. All the leaves are changing here and the air is crisp. It makes me so incredibly happy; there was a point today when I literally jumped for joy. We went to a park where they have kareoke. It’s really quite bizarre because hundreds of people show up to laugh and cheer and sing karaoke together. Unfortunately their list of “singers” was full for the day so we didn’t get the chance to perform.
Since I last posted we’ve been to Belgium, the England, and now Germany. But since I have fallen behind on posting I’ll focus this post on Belgium now and hopefully find time to post about London soon!

We had wonderful time in Belgium. We spent most of our time in Bruges. We were there for a week. It was a relaxing week which is just what we needed after being so busy in Paris! I think of our week in Bruges as the “week of the bikes”; our host provided us with bicycles which we were able to use to get everywhere. It was so refreshing to feel independent again after traveling solely public transportation for weeks! One day we took an 11 mile bike right to the beach. The bike ride was beautiful. We rode along the river, past tall trees, green pastures and old cottages. Then when we arrived it was a totally different landscape- very beachy (if you can believe it)! That bike ride was one of our favorite things we have done during our time in Europe. For all our friends who have seen the movie In Bruges, we had a fun time quoting it this week and finding sights from the movie.

After Bruges, we went to Belgium for a few days to meet up with a family friend of Andrew’s, Jeff. Jeff is a missionary in Europe. We were able to attend one of the worship leading conferences he puts on. It was very encouraging to gather with Christians from across the world. We went to Jeff’s church the next day. The church has an international congregation made up of over 70 nationalities! Pretty amazing. We also hung out with the worship band that was in town leading music for the conference. It was great to hang out with them and Jeff; we felt like we had friends again. Even though our time with these people was brief, we were very encouraged by them. God knew just who we needed to meet. 
Fall in Berlin
Today in Berlin!

Ok,  Now Belgium:

This is what much of the path looked like on our bike ride to the beach
Now at the beach!
 The Bell Tower
 Up in the bell tower

We took a boat tour

And of course a windmill!

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